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Window Cills

Before there was ever concrete in, there was natural window cills. Looking at old houses you will see the traditional Sandstone & limestone window cill. In the past few years there has been a revival in the use of natural stone for window cills again. They add value to a house , look very contemporary and are maintenance free. With advances in diamond cutting technology, natural stone building products are more affordable than ever.
We can make cills to order in Sandstone and Limestone. Be it curved, angled or just plain straight we will make to suit. 
The sizes are as under:

Window Sandstone Cill Application -I

Window Sandstone Cill Application -II


Diagram of Window Sandstone Cill

I.  (L) 122 cm (W) 14 cm (H) 14 cm 
II. (L) 152 cm (W) 14 cm) (H) 14 cm
III . (L) 183 cm (W) 14 cm ( H) 14 cm
( Further sizes as per Customer Requirement ) 


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