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The elegance and beauty of marble is unsurpassed by any other stone. Marble has been valued for thousands of years for its rich palette of beautiful colors and appearance and is perfect, pretty much anywhere in the house. 
Marble is a metamorphic rock formed by alteration of limestone or dolomite, often irregularly colored by impurities and used especially in architecture and sculpture. This natural stone is highly durable and resistant to water and grease. 
Available in a range of gorgeous colors, marble has an attractive texture. Marble is used extensively for bathrooms, entryways and fireplaces, living & dining areas along with other interior and exterior flooring applications. S.S. International offer best quality Marble in following color range in form of Tiles, Slabs & Counter tops.

Size Specification

Standard Specification Random Slabs 1.8cm, 2cm and 3cm Thickness
  Polished/ Flamed / Brushed finish, Calibrated & Bevelled Tiles
12x12x 10mm (30.5x30.5x1cm), 18x18x 12 mm (45.0x45.0x1.2cm)
16x16x 12mm (40.0x40.0x1.2cm), 24x12x 20 mm (60.0x60.0x2cm)
  Cut to size tiles 2cm and 3cm Thick
12x12 (30 x 30 cm), 16x16 (40 x 40 cm), 24x24 (60 x 60 cm),
24x12 (60 x 30 cm), 24x16 (60 x 40 cm)
Countertops Polished Inline Countertops  : 26"x84", 96", 108" 
Polished island Countertops : 48"x84", 96"

(Other Size & Specifications are also available on request)

Marble Colors

Forest Green Forest Brown
Black Forest Dark Green
Green Galaxy Royal Green
J. Yellow Onyx Green

* Each stone, and therefore each floor, is unique in character, and variation must be expected. All tile sizes and thickness are an approximation only and all tiles will vary in color, tone, marking and texture from those shown in the website/brochure or from samples received.

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